Sunday, 29 December 2013

Huddersfield Away 29/12/13

Having missed Barnsley due to finances (bloody Christmas...) and Bournemouth due to family Christmas party obligations (and eating wayyyy too much food), my latest Yeovil away trip was to Huddersfield after the epic win at Watford.

I drove up to my dad's in Leicestershire and he drove the rest of the way. We made it to Huddersfield at around 1pm, and headed just around the corner from our free on street parking space to Ricky's pub. Turns out it's a strip club by night, but it was decent enough by day! After a swift pint of cider we headed around to the Galpharm John Smith's Stadium and paid on the gate (very old school). £23 quid for us and yet £26 quid for them. Worth it, as it turns out...

Selfie at the John Smith's stadium
We were woeful. Embarrassing. Abysmal. Whichever your adjective of choice. 

We scored first, arguably against the run of play, in the 14th minute with a decent finish from Miller at close range from a corner after a lot of pinging around in the box. And.... then it fell apart. 3-1 down before half time from a free header and tap ins. We conceded two in the second half, decent strikes from range the pair of them but I was barely watching at this point. 

The game was immaterial by the end as the calls for Gary Johnson's head from some fans and the fact Gary had been missing for large parts of the second half overshadowed discussion.

I recorded my thoughts on the long old poke home, apologies for sound quality and ranting but it was much easier than writing everything down!

My next game is Birmingham away on the 18th of January, let's hope I have better things to discuss!